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At FC Materials Sdn Bhd, we are proud to be a premier international supplier of top-notch ingredients for the food, health, and personal care industries. We understand the importance of providing our customers with high-quality products that are both effective and affordable. We offer a vast selection of ingredients that exceed your expectations. We’ve covered you if you’re looking for bulk botanical extracts, health supplements, or personal care ingredients. Partner with us for the best ingredients and unbeatable prices.

About FC Materials

We have provided quality ingredients for the food, health, and personal care industries since 2014. We are proud to be a leading supplier, distributor, and trader of ingredients sourced both locally and globally. We offer a wide range of products, including protein sources, sweeteners, enzymes, cellulose, gums, and hydrocolloids that cater to different industries such as energy and sports beverages, flour improvers for baking, and other food products like fats, oils and dairy products. Our main customers are manufacturers looking for high-quality ingredients at competitive prices. Partner with us for the best ingredients, unparalleled expertise and support.

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Our Mission & Vision

Efficient Supply Chain Support

We understand that our customers place a high value on supply chain support. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that your goods arrive on schedule, every time. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of service that goes beyond just providing ingredients. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your supply chain is in good hands and your goods will be delivered on time and as expected. We are dedicated to making sure our customers are completely satisfied with their experience.

Sourcing Globally to cater Customer’s need

We are committed to providing our customers with the ingredients they need, no matter where they are sourced from. We have a global network of suppliers and operations spanning Europe, Middle East, and Asia, which allows us to access high-quality ingredients at competitive prices. Whether it’s sourcing from local farmers or working with world-class factories, we make sure that our customers get the best ingredients at the best prices. Partner with us and benefit from our global reach and vast network of suppliers.

Our Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do. They guide our actions and decisions, and shape the way we interact with our customers, suppliers, employees, and community. We believe that by adhering to these values, we can create a superior experience for all stakeholders. Our values are the foundation of our business and they drive us to provide the best service and support to all our partners. Trust us to be your reliable and value-driven partner.

Customer Need Our Top Priority

We firmly believe that our customers come first. We are dedicated to providing a wide range of products that cater to the unique needs and requirements of our customers. We understand that every business is different and that’s why we work closely with our customers to design solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. From fast turnaround times to competitive prices, we are committed to ensuring complete satisfaction. Trust us to be your dedicated partner in creating the perfect solution for your business.

Sustainable Financial Performance

At FC Materials Sdn Bhd, our core values are the backbone of our business. They guide us in achieving sustainable financial performance and being a leader in the supply of high-quality products and services. We are dedicated to delivering on our promises and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures that our customers can trust us to be their go-to supplier for all their ingredient needs. Partner with us and experience the difference our values make.

Employee Development & Reward

We firmly believe that our employees are the key to our success. We aim to foster a supportive and nurturing environment where our team members can flourish and reach their full potential. We understand that investing in our employees’ growth and development is crucial for achieving our business goals. That’s why we offer an unparalleled employee development and rewards program that provides career advancement opportunities for all roles, enabling individuals to grow and develop both professionally and personally. Partner with us and experience the difference a motivated and engaged team can make.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success

Henry Ford

About us

One stop food ingredients, Health supplement, Personal care solution hub

We are your one-stop-solution for all your Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Chemicals, and Raw Materials needs. We offer an extensive range of products that cater to different industries and applications. Our product selection includes everything from food ingredients, health supplements, personal care, chemical raw materials, and much more. We source our products from the world’s leading brands, so you can trust that you are getting the best quality products at competitive prices. Partner with us for your Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Chemicals and Raw Materials needs and experience the convenience of having everything you need in one place.

Why choose us

Other Services and support

Research & Development

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced researchers and professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional R&D services to our customers. We strive to stay at the forefront of innovation and development in our industry. Our R&D capabilities have been key to our rapid growth and success, and we are committed to continuing to deliver the best service to our customers. Partner with us and benefit from our cutting-edge R&D services and expertise.

regulatory support

We understand the importance of regulatory compliance and support. That’s why we have a team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing top-notch regulatory support to our clients. Our experts are subject matter specialists and have in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements, policy frameworks, and industry best practices. This enables us to provide our clients with the guidance and support they need to navigate the complex regulatory landscape. Trust us to be your dedicated partner for all your regulatory support needs.

white label

We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient white label manufacturing partner. That’s why we offer our customers the ability to have their products manufactured by us and then have our logo placed on it. We have the necessary manpower, technology, and expertise to quickly and efficiently deliver high-quality products that meet our customers’ specifications. Trust us to be your trusted white label manufacturing partner, delivering quality products on-time and on budget.


At FC Materials, our food ingredients are blended in an environment with a good sanitization program that complies with Halal Thoyyiban and JAKIM standards. FC Materials continuously sources and provide ingredients which are Halal manufacturers in order to meet market requirements.

Halal Ingredients by FC Materials