Image showing a dropper bottle of Aloe Vera Serum next to fresh aloe vera leaves, representing FC Materials' commitment to natural personal care products.

Elevate Your Personal Care Routine with Our High-Quality Ingredients

Our range of products allows you to choose from various ingredients catering to different applications and industries. Whether you’re looking for ingredients for skin care, hair care, or other personal care products, we have what you need. Trust us to be your go-to source for personal care ingredients that are high-quality and reliable

1Alkyl Polyglucoside 1214Solid Content >50.0%Halal
2BKC 80Solution Aq Solution 5% 6.0-8.0
3BetainPH 5% Solution 4.000-6.000%
4Carbopol 940White Fluffy PowderHalal
5DMDM HydantoinPH Value 6.5-7.5/ Active ingredient 54.0-56.0
6D-PanthenolImpurities by HPLC Pantoic Acid <0.5% / Pantolactonne <1.0%
7D-LemoneneLemonene by GLC 90.0-100.0%
8GlycerineGlycerine content >99.50%Halal
9Mirasheen (Peeling Agent)Active Content 38-42% / PH 6.0-8.0
10Menthol CrystalChromatographic Purity >98%Halal
11Metyhl SalicylateContent 99.0-100.5%
12PVP K-90K-value 81.0-97.2% / PH value in water 5-7%
13PVP VA64 Cosmetic gradek-value 27.0-33.0% / PH value in water 3-7%
14SLES N70Active matter % 69.0-72.0 / PH value 3% AQ solution 7.0-9.0
15Silicon dioxidePH 5% suspension 6.4-7.2%Halal
16Sericite PowderPH Value 6.5 (PH Meter method)
17Trillon BPH Value 1% in water 10.5-12.5 Halal