Assortment of spices and flowers used in FC Materials' fragrances and flavours"
Description: "Dive into the world of aroma with our range of fragrances and flavours at FC Materials. This image displays an assortment of spices and flowers that we carefully select and process to create our unique, high-quality fragrances and flavours, adding a dash of delight to your everyday products.

Fragrances and Flavours: The Science of Scent and Taste

Our company prides itself on providing top-of-the-line fragrances and flavours for various uses. Whether you’re looking to create a new perfume, add some extra pizzazz to your food products, or need a special scent or taste for any other application, we’ve covered you. Our team of experts uses the latest technology to create the best products at a competitive price. If you’re looking for the best fragrance and flavour, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Number NameSpecificationRemark
1FR-9842 AppleColourlessno animal substance
2FR-11325 Cool CucumberColourless to dark yellowno animal substance
3FR -24642 CitronellaPale to dark Yellowno animal substance
4FR--7723 Dior SnowPale yellowno animal substance
5FR-022018 Fragrance wastePale to dark yellowno animal substance
6FR-23772 Garden LavenderPale Yellowno animal substance
7FR-99243 Ginger WashPale to dark yellowno animal substance
8FR-1824 HagieColorless to dark yellowno animal substance
9FR-1566 Happy BloomColorlessno animal substance
10FR-22600 KentoSlightly pale yellowno animal substance
11FR-1967 Lavender PridePale to dark brownish yellowno animal substance
12FR-22812 Lemon TurboColorlessno animal substance
13FR-71004 MellonellaColorless to pale yellowno animal substance
14FR-22104 MilkPale yellowno animal substance
15FR-0920 Orange wasteDark yellowno animal substance
16FR-65435 OrangeYellowish orangeno animal substance
17FR-22105 PinkathonColourlessno animal substance
18FR-36363 StrawberrySightly pale yellowno animal substance
19FR-33406 Tender WhiteColourless to dark yellowno animal substance
20FR-5209 FA Whitepale yellowno animal substance
21DEC -1627 Comfort Bluewhiteno animal substance
22FCP-9897 Orange Flavour PowderPale Yellowno animal substance
23FCM-18110 ChocolateDark brown to blackno animal substance
24FCM-1020 RaspberryColourless to pale reddish yellowno animal substance
25FCM-37714 PineapplePale to dark yellowno animal substance
26FCM-73314 PineapplePale to dark yellowno animal substance
27CSB00798- BananaColorless to light yellow liquid
28CSB01498B-Lemon orangelight yellow to yellow liquid
29CSB01141B-LuxColourless to yellow liquid
30SW23555 - Extra CleanClear, almost colorless liquid