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Elevate Your Health with Our Premium Quality Supplements

At FC Materials Sdn Bhd, we are proud to offer premium high-bioavailability and purely natural herbal supplements that are among the best in the market. Our product range includes renowned ingredients such as tongkat ali, maca, sacha inchi, and a variety of nutritional vitamins, herbs, and minerals. We also offer other beneficial ingredients like tiger milk mushroom powder, green coffee extract, and more. Our commitment to quality ensures that our customers receive safe, effective, and pure supplements. Trust us to be your go-to source for premium natural herbal supplements.

1Acaiberry Extract10:1 (TLC)Halal
2Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder100% Permium Bamboo Ingredient
3African Mango Seed Extract10:1 (TLC)
4Alfalfa Extract10:1 (TLC)
5Algae Oil DHA PowderDHA >10% (CWS)
6Alpha ArbutinAssay 99.0% Min
7Apple Cider Vinegar PowderApple cider Vinegar > 5%
8Apple Fiber Powder98% Apple Fiber 2% Water
9Artichoke Extract10:1 (TLC)
10Ascorbic AcidAssay 99.0% - 100.5%
11Astaxanthin2.00% Min (HPLC)
12Ashwagandha ExtractAssay 2.00% min (HPLC)
13Butea Superba ExtractAssay 10:1 (TLC)
14Bearberry Leaf Extract0.417361111
15Coenzyme Q10>10% Coenzyme Q10 (HPLC)
16Cranberry Extract10:1 (TLC)
17Cucumber PowderJuice Powder Flavour
18Culture Coconut Oil (VCO)Juice Powder Flavour
19Curcumin powder Extract10.0% (HPLC)
20Extra Virgin Olive Oil100% concentration
21Fish CollagenPH of 10% Solution is 5.0-6.5
22Flaxseed Oil Powder
23Garcinia cambogia extractAssay 60% Hydroxy citric acid (HPLC)
24Ginger Powder
25Goji Berry ExtractAssay (Polysaccharides) >50% (Titrated)
26Grape Seed ExtractProanthocyanidins ? 95.0% (UV)
27Green Coffee Bean ExtractChlorogenic Acid >50.0% (HPLC)
28Guarana ExractAssay Caffein 22.55 % (HPLC)
29Hyaluronate Acid (HA)(HA) >90%
30Kojic AcidKojic Acid >98% (HPLC)
31L-ArginineAssay % 99.2
32L-Carnitine BaseL-Carnitine Based >98% (HPLC)
33L-Glutathione ReducedAssay N.L.T 98%
34L-Carnitine FumarateAssay L-Carnitine % is between 56.5-60.5 / Fumaric acid % is between 40.5-42.5
35Maca Extract10:1 (TLC)
36Moringa Extract10:1 (TLC)
37Muira Puama Extract10:1 (TLC)
38N-Acetyl-D-GlucosamineAssay 98.0-102.0%
40Pomegranate ExtractPolyphenols 40% (UV)
50Potassium IodideAssay (on dried basis) 99.0%-100.5%
41Pueraria Lobata ExtractAssay >40% Flavonoid (UV)
42Pueraria Mirifica ExtractAssay >40% Flavonoid (UV)
43Pumpkin Seed Extract0.417361111
44Reishi Mushroom ExtractAssay (Polysaccharides) 40% (UV)
45Resistant DextrinPH ( water solution 10%) is between 4.0-6.0
46Roselle ExtractExtract ratio 10:1 (TLC)
47Sacha Inchi Powder
48Safflower Oil Powder
49Senna Leaf ExtractSennoside 60.0% (UV)
52Soy PeptidesProtein (dry basis, N x 6.25%) min 90%
53Tiger Milk Mushroom Extract10:1 (USP39)
54Tongkat Ali ExtractExtraction ratio 10:1 (TLC)
55Tribulus Terrestris ExtractAssay (saponins) >20% (UV)
51White Kidney Bean ExtractAssay (phaseolamin) >1.0% (HPLC)