Rich and aromatic coffee beans, a prime example of FC Materials' premium food ingredients.

Premium Food Ingredient Supplier in Malaysia – FC Materials

At FC Materials, we take pride in being a leading food ingredient supplier in Malaysia, offering an array of high-quality food ingredients to cater to various culinary needs.

1Aspartame Powder98.0-102.0%Halal
2Akasil antifoam 30PSPH 5.000-8.000no animal substance
3Ascorbyl Palmitate100% Ascorbyl PalmitateHalal
4Avocado PowderJuice PowderHalal
5Butterfly Pea PowderColoring / Juice Powder FlavourHalal
6Carrot PowderColoring / Juice Powder FlavourHalal
7Clery PowderFlavour / SeasoningHalal
8Cocoa PowderJuice PowderHalal
9Calcium Lactate98.0-101.0%Halal
10Citri Fi-100Juice PowderHalal
11Citric Acid Anhydrous99.9-100.5% citric acidHalal
12Dextrose MonohydratesDextrose equivalent >99.0 / PH 4.0-6.5Halal
13FructoseFructose on DS >99.5% (HPLC)Halal
14Goat Milk Powderuse for dairy drinks and foodHalal
15Guar GumPH 5.0-6.5 / Guar Gum Content >80.0%Halal
16Honey PowderJuice Flavor powderHalal
17Hydrolyzed Oat Powderuse as food ingredientHalal
18Instant Coffee PowderJuice Flavor powderHalal
19Instant Black Tea PowderJuice Flavor powderHalal
20Isomalt DC101As sugar subtitude in foodHalal
21InulinInulin 90.0-100.0%Halal
22Maple Flause as food flavour / dark brown in colorHalal
23MaltodextrinPH 4.5-6.5 / White powder / sweetless or slightly sweetnessHalal
24Non Dairy CreamerProtein (Nx6.38) 1.00-2.00%Halal
25PSD AppleApple Juice PowderHalal
26Psd BlackcurrantBlackcurrant Juice PowderHalal
27PSD KurmaKurma Juice PowderHalal
28PSD Lemonlemon Juice Powder Halal
29PSD OrangeOrange Juice PowderHalal
30PSD PomegranatePomegranate Juice PowderHalal
31PSD VanillaVanilla Juice PowderHalal
32PSD StrawberryStrawberry Juice PowderHalal
33Purple Potato PowderPotato Seasoning / JuiceHalal
34Psyllium HuskUse as soluble fiber / lower cholestrolHalal
35Sour Plum PowderSour Plum FalvorHalal
36Skim Milk powderProtein (Nx6.38) 33.68%Halal
37SucraloseAssay 98.0-102.0%Halal
38Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC)Halal
39Satiagel MM-50PH in a 1% Aq Solution 8-11Halal
40Seasoning CurryCurry FlavourHalal
41Seasoning TomyamTomyam FlavourHalal
42Seasoning KimchiKimchi FlavourHalal
43Seasoning chickenchicken FlavourHalal
44Seasoning BeefBeef FlavourHalal
45Sodium CitrateAssay > 99.0%Halal
46Tricalcium PhosphateAssay 35.0-40.0%Halal
47TaurineAssay 99.0-101.0%Halal
48Watermelon PowderJuice Flavor PowderHalal
49Whole Milk powderProtein (6.38xN) 24.29%Halal
50Xanthan Gum F80thicken, emulsify and stabilize water-based foodsHalal