A variety of vibrant spices symbolizing the diverse flavors and fragrances supplied by FC Materials.

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Premium Ingredients by FC Materials: Elevate Your Products with Exceptional Quality and Value

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Food ingredients

FC Materials Sdn Bhd is a leading food ingredients supplier and provides solutions for Bakery, Dairy, Nutritional, Confectionery, and Beverage markets.

Health Supplements

Our premium high-bioavailability and purely natural herbal supplements are designed to be the best available in the market.

essential & carrier oils

Our pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are carefully distilled to ensure only the most potent and beneficial compounds remain.

personal care ingredients

We supply personal care ingredients, including specialty actives, moisturizing agents, and preservatives, with high concentrations to meet your product’s formula.

Fragrance & flavours

Our fragrances and flavors are designed to fit the demands of our clients with an authentic aroma.