Can Red Yeast Powder Cure Hyperlipidemia For Aircrews?

Can Red Yeast Powder Cure Hyperlipidemia For Aircrews?

Red Yeast Rice Extract Powder has many functions. Aircrews are prone to elevated blood lipid levels due to their special working and living environment, as well as their greater mental and psychological stress, and the high eutrophication of their diet.

After investigation, it is also true that the blood lipid level of aircrew convalescents has been increasing year by year in recent years, and some pilots have been suffering from hyperlipidemia, which will certainly affect the cardiovascular health of pilots and shorten their flight life. Airmen are very careful with their medication, and researchers have applied the natural drug Red Yeast Rice Extract Powder to 88 Air Force airmen to conduct a study of hyperlipidemia treatment.

Hyperlipidemia is primarily defined as

Plasma total cholesterol ≥ 6.2 mmol/L.

LDL cholesterol ≥ 4.1 mmol/L

Triglycerides ≥ 2.3mmol/L

Under normal circumstances, most of the blood lipids can be infiltrated into the arterial wall by the arterial intima and then discharged from the lymphatic vessels of the outer wall of the arteries, and will not be deposited in the arterial wall. However, when the long-term high sugar and high fat diet, abnormal lipid metabolism function, genetic factors, mental activities or other diseases, etc., it will be pathologically elevated and form hyperlipidemia, which in turn will cause atherosclerosis, thus causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases that seriously endanger human health.

These 88 Air Force pilots were fasting blood lipids checked during convalescence and met the diagnostic criteria for hyperlipidemia. The age ranged from 35 to 55 years old, with an average of 43 years old.

50 in the treatment group were given red yeast powder, 0.7g/dose, 3 times a day.

In the control group, 38 were given empty capsules of placebo, 3 times a day.

Both groups were treated with a course of 2 months.

After two months of treatment, total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the treatment group decreased significantly and were significantly different from those before treatment; there was no significant difference before and after treatment in the control group.

The study showed that the efficacy of lipid reduction after treatment with red yeast powder was significant. Red yeast powder is a natural medicine which contains lovastatin and its congeners, and experiments have proved that they have synergistic effects in lowering blood lipids. Red Yeast Rice Extract Powder also has some outstanding features, especially compared with lovastatin alone, containing the same lovastatin dose, red yeast has stronger comprehensive lipid-lowering efficacy, and reduces the possible toxic side effects of long-term use of statin lipid-lowering drugs, and its efficacy ratio meets the requirements of pilots

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