The Benefits of Using Essential Oil Sprays


Using essential oil sprays in the air has many advantages, particularly in terms of safety compared to insecticides. Depending on the type of essential oil, sprays can be made to repel insects, deodorize, protect against spreading diseases, and simply add fragrance.

How to make Essential Oil Spray

To make an essential oil spray, simply mix a few drops of the oil with a small amount of alcohol, add water, and shake vigorously. If you want to use it immediately, you can mix the oil and water directly, shake well, spray 1-2 times, then shake again. The proportion of essential oil in the spray is not important, but a 5% concentration is generally sufficient, and it can be increased to 10% during epidemics.

Essential Oil as Disease Filtration

To prevent the spread of epidemics, it is recommended to spray eucalyptus oil during outbreaks. This oil can help control the spread of infectious diseases in the ward. Rosemary oil and juniper berry oil have the same effect. During an epidemic, it is best to spray essential oils in every room of the house several times a day.

Essential Oil as Insect Repellent Spray

Essential oil insect repellent sprays are very effective. Bergamot oil is the best deodorizing agent, whether used alone or mixed with lavender oil. Any essential oil with a lemon scent, such as lemon balm oil and lemongrass oil, can repel insects.

Essential Oil as Air Freshener

Essential oils can also be used as air fresheners. Simply spray any essential oil that you like in the room. This indirectly will filter out the germs or bacteria that sensitive to certain essential oil and freshen up the environment.

Essential Oil Treat Skin Condition

Essential oil sprays can also be used to treat skin conditions. If the affected area is too painful to apply essential oils directly to the skin, you can spray them instead. For example, when children have chickenpox, a spray made of a combination of Roman chamomile oil, lavender oil, and eucalyptus oil can reduce fever and alleviate spots. It is also important to note that if children have a fever, it is best to use slightly heated water when preparing the spray to avoid stimulating the skin with cold water. For treating sunburn, a spray made of lavender oil and Roman chamomile oil or a mixture of the two can also reduce discomfort.


Overall, essential oil sprays have many benefits and are a safe and natural alternative to traditional insecticides and air fresheners.

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